Church Is A Hospital For Sinners…Not A Museum For Saints

What should I wear?  People dress in various styles. Some individuals choose to dress in suits and dresses while others prefer a more "casual" wardrobe. We want you to be comfortable.

I'm not familiar with the Service, so how do I follow along?  All the information you need is in a bulletin (program). It makes following the Worship Service a snap!

I don't know much about the Bible, will I understand what is being taught?  Every effort is made to communicate God's message clearly and with an easily understood application.

Will you make me stand up and introduce myself during the service?  Never! People will greet you before and after the service but you will not be singled out in any way.

What if I sit in somebody's pew?  Not to worry! We do NOT have assigned seats. Our congregation will NOT be upset, no matter where you decide to sit.